Laser processing solutions for industries

Types of industries

 We provide solutions to manufacturing companies in the automotive, hardware, house furnishings, electronics, Semiconductor and so on.

Our versatile systems can be configured and programmed specifically according to your production needs and are supported by our veteran team of laser professionals and software engineers.


The automotive industry uses our laser marking system to create permanent , crisp and clean markings for instrument panel, button and so on.


Our laser systems can mark a variety of metal parts and tools, such as those with high reflectivity and unique materials.


Laser marking is the most common technology used on IT products and many manufacturers alike use lasers to mark logos, two-dimensional code and characters on their products.

House furnishings

Laser is around our daily life. It is very common that laser marking on the home appliances, decorations and and wooden ornaments.


Laser technology is widely applied into the semiconductor industry, such as online/ offline PCB marking and PCBA cutting, flexible PCB marking and PCBA cutting, full-automatic IC marking and so on.


With rich experiences and processing advantages,our green laser and UV laser marking systems can provide comprehensive solutions of plastic processing.

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The basis for your industry solution

Marking category

Our laser marking systems can mark any type of information required to identify a part. This includes:

  • Characteristics
  • Bar Codes
  • Logos
  • Schematics
  • Date Codes
  • Pictures & Images
  • Security codes
  • QR Codes
  • Graphics
  • Serial Numbers
  • Part Numbers
  • More