CO2 laser marking machine

The categories of machines

Baublys offers a variety of laser products such as laser marking and engraving machines, laser cutting system, and laser decapsulation. We are also experts in custom laser system design. Our engineers have implemented the experience of decades of years of their know-how in these machines.

CO2 Laser Marking/Engraving Machine BL3000
  • Kompakt, robust, zuverlässig
  • Gute Preisleistung
CO2 laser Marking/Engraving Machine BL4000
  • Kompakt, robust, zuverlässig
  • Beschriftungsfeld 300x160mm
CO2 Laser Marking/ Engraving Machine BL5000
  • Touchscreen erleichtert die Bedienung
  • Beschriftungsfeld 480 x 480 mm
CO2 Laser Marking/Engraving Machine BL7000
  • Optionaler Rundtakttisch
  • Beschriftungsfeld 730 x 730 mm
CO2 Laser Marking/Engraving Machine BL9000
  • Der beste Markierungs- und Gravureffekt
  • Beschriftungsfeld 1180 x 680 mm