Selection of a laser system

Types of industries

Irrespective of sector, there is almost no material that can’t be processed with the adequate laser source.

Suitable laser sources include, but are not limited to, industry standard. Fiber and IR lasers, lasers with green and UV wavelengths, CO2 lasers and ultra short pulse lasers are available.

In addition to adjustments or extensions of our standard machines, Baublys is your specialist for completely tailor-made solutions. Own software, construction and production are our cornerstones for the implementation of even complex projects.

Starting with the supply of laser modules for integration into existing production lines, through joint projects with automation companies or integrators to complete project planning from a single source: we adapt to your requirements, not the other way round.

More professional

We have extensive experience

Our advantages

Our “DracoTM series” UV laser generators have acquired innovation patent in United States. Extremely small facular diameter and small heat affected zone, which has incomparable advantage for ultra-fine marking.

  • Automotive Industry
  • Hardware Industry
  • House Furnishings
  • Electronics Industry
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Plastic Industry

Advanced cutting technology

It is the perfect combination of optical, mechanical, electrical, control and other Professional technology.